Monday, January 10, 2011

party monster

dear mr. pgk,
i don't know what we are referring to you as on here.

anyways, i finished party monster on my air-o-plane fly to Houston.  (finished is an over statement, i had 30 or so pages left by the time i got into stef's bed, but either way it's done.)

that st. james, he's quite the writer.  well organized on both the murder and the memoir side. you do get a pretty clear image of michael and their state of reality.

having said that, were you not left with my questions?

when did michael become an addict? do you think he felt remorse?  how'd you pull yourself out of DRUGS R US?  did glamour and excess feel real, like at any point did they believe eyelashes, white girl, blinky lights, and misfits were really about anything?

miss st james, were you creating a reality or playing in ours?  by this, i mean, well, at the end he talks about it not being a life anymore and how he couldn't party the same thus needs to be back into society, that society doesn't change cause you want it to? or is it the one that he built? did he believe something was being accomplished?

i hope not.  way too well read, way too well written (that shit must have taken hardcore editing).

how was your day?

this is going to be consuming.

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