Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Gage and Lovely Readers

Your posts are lovely, and I enjoy knowing what your reading, plus your writing style is always a pleasure to read.

-I posted this and the video in Stumbleupon in the hopes that folks would come across it and possibly follow us, so if your a stumbler, welcome! Please enjoy all of our amenities.

-I'll be starting a blog of my own a little bit later in the semester hopefully, and I want to do a cross link thing where we both have links to the others blog.

-For any readers who may have, for whatever god awful reason, come BACK to this site (as in, a second, or god forbid, a third time) and have ENJOYED the music and writing, and would like MORE of Gages music, shoot me an e-mail at PeteGK08 @ hotmail DOT com(remove the spaces, and use a period instead of DOT)

I hope things are lovely Gage, I hope Baltimore is better than Houston.


Knives on fire, motha-fucka, make room

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