Thursday, February 17, 2011

You-Tube Is Punk Rock

Hello everyone! Which is to say, Hello Claire! Our one and only follower.

First bit of business:

Cuz you can't be an obscure underground Alt-Hop artist without having a youtube account (and I can't be the web manager of an obscure underground Alt-Hop artist without having one.) There is a "mirror-video" up currently of the video we have docked on the side bar (the Run Away one), but Gage and a friend who is currently nameless are working on some footage from a show (audio is pending but i'm sure it'll be great.) The reason there is an official Gage channel now is because as much as I love him, I like to keep our things seperated. So the Run Away video currently hosted on my username will stay up for a while until this official You-Tube Channel gets some steam, then I'll take it down.

In other news, Gage and Rise are both college students first and foremost. Any student will tell you it gets tiring, and if your playing shows or managing web-sites it only gets more difficult. That is why there has been a slight dip in content on this page (shit, just trace the dates. We posted way more back in January, now its nearly March.)

But I digress. Check out the Channel! Hit the thumbs up on the video(s), subscribe (PLEASE do this it adds credibility) and then create another 3 youtube accounts and sub us again! The internet works exactly like a late 19th century political machine.

Take it sleazy

the only key is knowing how to break the locks