Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bounce back

did i ever tell you, i had a friend who was about to be my girlfriend who had gotten stuck at a concert, she called a guy to pick her up.  The man had said, "me and my friend will come get you but we're going to steal you and rape you."  upon picking up the girl, they said, "we weren't kidding."

they took her to a graveyard.  they couldn't get in.  thank god.  they took her home.  she told me the next day.  i asked for their address.  but she didn't want me to.  the guys had ended up bragging ( i know, right) and got their asses kicked sufficiently.  she just wanted me to be around her.
it's an ugly fucking world with hideous men.

the night she told me, we went to my house, i've never said the phrase, "are you sure" so many time.  see we were friends for yearsyearsyears.

when we had met, i had been driven to a goth club, my first time in the city past 10 at night.  i don't remember how old i was.  she was younger.  she had acne and braces and nipple tape and a fishnet shirt. she didn't like me.  she told me she was gay and i was then certain she'd give me her number if i followed her around enough.

i told her, i want to understand you, you see, she was mysterious and bad ass with her braces and nipple tape.

yearsyearsyears later, we are dating.  we were frequenting the same club where she had ignored me.  we met this girl with green eyes and an ass and jailbait.

and my sweetheart, my darling, she said, "we need to hang out!  i'm going to rape you."
  and and and the girl wrote back, "okay! lols <3."
and my babygirl, she wrote back, "i'm not kidding."

that girl, she ended up dating a mutual friend of ours.  and we only ever kissed her.  i didn't ever make out with her.  i bit her a few times but i bit her boyfriend a few times too.

i forget these things happen.  how fucked up they seem in retrospect and how glad i am that i'm friends with someone that resilient and humbled that i could ask her "are you sure" and maybe help make her feel like a person, like she's something to be "understood".

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  1. let me add, that girl usurped that power. she took back shit, unspeakably evil like shit and propelled into opening up and twisting herself back. this point is less clear. cause i know this is twisted. but if i can try to articulate, we can't help what grotesque shit happens to us, but the way we appropriate it,