Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From gage's add

we're shipped in pieces
form marketing schemes
before finished designs
 then mistake the rest as extraneous

third day in Houston, first day sitting in a cafe.  joy.  have yet to practice my set, minorly problematic.  i'm awful at this vacation thing, really. Day two i figured out my potential work schedule and mapped out my classes. i also got booked for a festival in may, which made the day seem dapper and the effort we've put into this website worth while.  that (worthwhileness) and having a place to put my digression that aren't interesting, I'm going to love this.
here is going well enough, i think i'm adapting to Miss Houston (girl i'm visiting) and her friends pretty well, smart and well read and usually in clouds of smoke, which i need to do less of because i function less than well.   i went to a get together the first night and rapped over some instrumentals her friend, a guy who provoked enthusiasm, had made.  that was probably the best i felt.  focused on how many words fit within a breath and staggering my timing.  balancing technical craft with speaking with attention to the words.

miss houston and i have been well, last night was good conversation and it's mostly like we haven't been apart for six months.

but i'm sort of askew.  split between three states and an assortment of people, assortment of songs to write or practice or books to read or blogs to be clever on, urges.  

my method is sit in whatever it is, aware it'll unravel and writer and read and talk like a mother fucker.

how are you? how's home?

do you understand acceptance more than conceptually?  i'm not sure if i understand it conceptually.  but i think it's the thing to chip away at.  There's always some concept or feeling or situation that themes a matter of months, acceptance is at it's awkward phase.

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